Very often, it has been said that photography does not have enough will to give up painting. Obviously, some of the contemporary photographs are connected to painting in a kind of incestuous relationship. Based on this assumption, we can say that what characterises Viviane Zenner’s set of photographs called “Eau” (Water) is, no doubt, their stillness. A relative stillness, not to be mistaken with motionlessness. Stillness underlines here the steadiness (firmness and accuracy) of the artist’s thought process. The absence of any human being emphasises this statement. In these photographs, everything is a matter of centring. An almost imperceptible horizontal movement draws a partition of rather dark shades. A series of traces and impressions lay and overlay on the surface of the water, thus revealing its weird pictorial depth and expanse.


Traduction en anglais du texte original de Cédric Loire